Workshops – The Marriage of Figaro, An opera necklace

The Marriage of Figaro, An opera necklace

Workshop Length: One day class
Skill Level: Intermediate


  • Chevron Chain
  • Peyote
  • Stringing

Dimensions of Pieces: Medallion: 1.5” diameter, Necklace: 18″ long

The spirit in which Mozart wrote The Marriage of Figaro was one of mirth and light-hearted comedy. This necklace exudes a similar effervescence with its openwork medallion foundation onto which all other components are stitched. The medallion features a cubic zircon and pearl center with strands of tiny pearls woven together to form a twisted rope of alternating colors around its diameter. The smaller bezels feature small zircons with embellishments that float over the edge. The three-strand necklace matches the materials used on the medallion, creating a cohesive ensemble. The clasp features a focal component that corresponds to the center of the medallion creating a cohesive composition and secures with a hidden rare-earth magnet.